Everything You’ve Been Told About Instagram® Marketing Is Outdated & Ineffective are wrong.

You Want To Build An Impactful (Personal) Brand on Instagram®

That NOT ONLY Gets You More Followers, Fans, and Sales but sets you up to become the #1 Authority Figure In Your Niche?

The Problem Is:

You’re Overwhelmed And Have No Idea Where To Start?

I’m Here To Help You With That!

Real And Outstanding Results

See what our clients gain with our manual growth service

Ready for the Truth?

You’re probably thinking that Instagram is done, organic growth is practically unachievable and the algorithm is pretty much dead.

The honest truth?

The game has just begun. More creators than ever are growing like never before. Accounts popping up like crazy and more people are looking for content just like yours.

People who are stuck at a plateau are usually those who listen to all the common, long-outdated advice out there, teaching you quick growth hacks and no actual strategies to build a real brand with followers and fans.

The truth is, it takes more than just some growth hacks. You need a proven strategy to build and grow a brand that lasts through all these algorithm changes and “engagement drops”.

A brand with actual fans that are waiting for your content – growing not only WITH the algorithm instead of against it, but also kind of detaching itself from it.

Instagram - Rahzan Media

Do you find yourself in some of these?

  • You are a (new) content creator ready to crush it from the start.
  • You want to grow your fanbase but you find it very  complicated & difficult.
  • You think the algorithm is unfair, just because you don’t know how to treat it the right way.
  • You need a proven system that you need to follow to get results.
  • You are tired of creating content and nobody actually caring about what you have to say.
  • You tried other Instagram courses only to be disappointed that they still teach the same old methods.

Your Dedicated Growth Manager Will Help You Grow


Growing Instagram Followers Requires In-Depth Analyzation & Hard Work. We’ll help you manually organically grow an engaged fanbase.


Your dedicated social media specialist begins working on your account by researching the following:

  • Your competitors: With a competitor analysis, your social media specialist assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. They look for inspiration too, finding ways to put your strategy above your competitors.
  • Your brand reputation: A brand reputation analysis allows your social media specialist to gauge user opinions on your company and brand. In some cases, your brand reputation analysis may reveal areas for improvement, like your response time to user comments or questions.
  • Your past Instagram content: Browsing your previous Instagram posts offers your social media specialist tremendous insight into your business, brand, and audience. It can also reveal which post types, like humorous captions or quick videos, perform best with your audience.

Next, your dedicated social media specialist starts the process of developing your strategy. This strategy includes several features, from outlining your goals to creating your plan for achieving those goals. After our team reviews, our specialist starts working on your profile.

  • Contents: Your dedicated social media specialist will provide you with content ideas from your trending content in your niche and your competitor’s profile, to create alike content. On weekly basis, your account manager will ask for the content to post them.
  • Ads: Your social media specialist also develops up to four ads for your Instagram account. They tailor your ad campaign to your goals, like generating followers & post engagement.

Following your approval, your strategy launches. It’s an exciting time for you, as well as your specialist because you can see the results of your efforts in real-time as people start discovering, following, and engaging with your profile.

As a part of our Instagram management services, your dedicated specialist monitors the performance of your profile daily.

If you have questions, you can email or DM your specialist and expect a response in 48 business hours.

Why companies trust Rahzan Media for Instagram management services.

With a rating of 4.9 out of 5, Rahzan Media is a trusted provider of Social Media Management & Marketing Services. That’s why companies across the globe choose Rahzan Media for managing not only their Instagram but also their other social media accounts, like Facebook.

Learn more about why businesses partner with Rahzan Media for social media marketing and advertising:

Industry-leading experience

  • With more than 2 years of experience, Rahzan Media offers a tremendous amount of expertise. The history of our company also demonstrates our continued ability to adapt to not only industry changes but also algorithm changes across social media networks.

Customized strategies

  • Social media marketing success demands originality and customization. That’s why our social media specialists create customized strategies for their clients. They build your approach based on your audience, goals, products, and more.

Clients we have worked with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use bots growing my profile?

We DO NOT use bots! Doing so would jeopardize not only your accounts, but also our business.

Our dedicated growth managers will manually analyze and interact with your target audience based on the best metrics for your maximum safety and maximum results.

Does my IG account will be in risk? Is it safe to use your services?

Your Instagram profile is absoutely and 100% safe. We’ve designed our process to the safest standards and it won’t hurt your account at all. 

We do NOT use bots or any methods that are not within Instagram’s ToS, so your account is 100% safe with us.

Do you need password to perform the task?

Yes, we do need your password, due to the nature that we log into your Instagram account.

We handle our client’s data with the highest privacy standards.

Can I keep using my Instagram during the process?

Our growth manager manually grow your account in a way that will leave minimal to no footprint on your IG account, having set measures in place that won’t interfere with Instagram in any way.

So, no worries – you can keep using your Instagram account as you like while we do our magic.